Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter blues...

Robby and I have always been the nutty couple that LOVE winter. We often chat excitedly about the weather forecasts with snowflakes dancing in our eyes. The lower the temperature drops the more giddy we get. Maybe this illusion has gathered steam through the years because the last two years the winter's our weather here in Oklahoma has been disappointing at best. While my family in Kansas would get snow almost regularly, even our forecast of a dusting would fizzle out. This winter though has been promising since early fall. We have snow a handful of times, and even had a white Christmas. Along with this wonderful winter weather came an unwelcome friend though. Illness. I have been sick more times this year than I have in the past five years! I remember being so miserable with a tummy bug over halloween that we have to leave the party early. I started a dreadful cold the weds before christmas and I am JUST now getting over it (24 days later).Usually while I am still on prenatals I am almost invincible...this year nothing can win against these nasty flu bugs. And don't even get me started on the kids. Jade has 6 colds...she's only 7 months old! I feel like we can't hardly get over one cold before Bobby takes turn and I have one child sick at all times.

What this has all added up to...winter blues. The exhaustion of taking care of sick children while my energy is low myself from being under the weather, all of us being tucked in the house nonstop to avoid getting out in the cold, the lull of after-Christmas letdown...its a recipe for disaster. Add in Jaden's teething and we are near a crisis. Thankfully though, the weather gave us a break this weekend. We were able get outside and play a bit, my sister came for a visit and helped me work on my new china cabinet, I am finally getting over my cold, as are the children. The treadmill in my garage even thawed out and you wouldn't believe the pick-me-up I got just by getting in a short jogging session. I felt like ME again.

So what I have decided throughout all of this is...maybe I will stick with the mild winters from now on and just visit Colorado more often during the winter instead. HA!

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