Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend in Laredo...

Well I am well over a week late blogging about this but I have so many cute pictures of the little guy that its well worth documenting. Last weekend we made a family trip down to Laredo TX to visit Robby's brother and his wife. Has anyone ever heard of Laredo before? Its as far south as you can possibly go in Texas before you are officially in Mexico. Its about about a 14 hour drive from here in Robby and I opted for taking a plane instead of forcing Bobby through the misery of riding in his carseat all that way. I was pretty nervous about how Bobby would react on the plane...but I must brag on my angel...he did GREAT most of the time anyway. We took a really early flight out and that worked out perfectly because he conked out to sleep as soon as we took off. WHEW! We had a short layover in Dallas and I was feeling pretty confident after our last experience but when we loaded the next plane I was quickly overwhelmed with anxiety because this was a much smaller plane and I felt like everyone we passed as we walked down the isle was glaring at me with those "oh greeeat, there's going to be a baby on this flight" eyes. But boy did we show them...Bobby did great again! He flirted with all the other passengers in the rows in behind us as he stood on my lap and he even relaxed for another nap. SUCH a GOOD boy! I was so proud of him!

The trip was wonderful little escape from reality and I am so glad we finally got down there to see where Kevin & Cathy live. Life is quite different living on a ranch, here are some trip highlights...we ran over a 6 ft rattlesnack in their driveway our first night there, Robby shot a bobcat from the helicopter, and we caught two illegal immigrants running across some of their land (and border control came and arrested them). Yes, we were THAT close to the border that this is a normal occurance for them!

Anyway a special thanks to K&C for hosting the whole fam for the weekend...anyone that has given up their house, their privacy and their whole weekend to entertain out of town relatives knows that's no small feat. We had a great time!