Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Bobby is jabbering non-stop! I know I say that every post but I just can't get over how much he talks! He tries to repeat everything we say even though the repeat isn't exactly perfect but you can tell he is trying. The real words he says though are Bye, shoes, play, dog, poop, and thanks to daddy they have been working on "Oh Crap". Yes, Robby thinks he is hilarious! He is walking all over the place and he is getting FAST. He waves bye bye and points at everything. His latest food favorites are grapes, corn on the cob, and cherries.  

Last week was troubling, Bobby had a sick spell. He ran a high fever ALL week (topping out at 103.2 one morning) and the whole thing scared mommy to death. We went to the doctor the first day (Monday) and ears, throat and blood looked fine. By Thursday we were back to the doctor cause he was still just burning up every time the Motrin wore off. Still no other symptoms arose so Dr Barnes assumed it was roseola...where you burn a high fever for several days and then as you break the fever a rash suddenly appears. I took his word for it and watched Bobby like a hawk for a rash and although he might have one...it was questionable. Good news though is that Bobby is all better and back to full speed. Oh how I missed him!

Finally a picture captured for my personal memory sake of where I spent countless hours with Bobby, rocking, reading, nursing. This is OUR spot.

We finally decided to give some Huggies a try...the jean diapers were just calling our name!

Bobby LOVES to look out this window! If I lose sight of him, most likely he has made his way back to this spot. This is where Kayli did her window watching too...must be a prime location. 

Not a fav...but gotta take all the together shots I can get since I am usually the one behind the camera.

This is Bobby carrying around MY old baby blanket...yes, he has thousands of his own...but there most be something special about this one!

Look at the serious face...he means business!

How stinkin' cute are these jammies? 

Such a sweet sweet boy...