Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Christmas present for Mommy!

Last night Bobby decided to make his presence know...I finally felt him kick! This time I am 100% sure! So it was just a day short of 23 weeks. Its lower than I expected, right below my belly button actually. I don't know what made the difference yesterday but he was so BUSY last night, I felt it over and over throughout the evening. I had ate some Christmas goodies...maybe it was just the sugar in them? This morning I was anxious to feel him again so I drank a glass of orange juice right away...and like clockwork there he was again! Now I am starting to wonder how much of the time he sleeps and how much he is awake? Anyone know the ratio? He is actually kicking me like crazy as we speak. I LOVE IT!! Its the best feeling in the world. Well that's all for now...gotta go start getting ready for the Christmas craziness that is set to begin this evening. Everyone be safe on the roads...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I dreaming of a WHITE Christmas!!!

Well Christmas is almost here...I can hardly believe it! Every year I get so excited...I am who you might call a Christmas fanatic. You could lump in right in there with Clark Grizwalt. I expect all the major elements of the holiday! I have three times as many decorations for Christmas than I do any other holiday and I spend hours, some times days decorating the house and the tree. I want my husband to create magic with the lights outside (as you may recall my husband scaling our roof to get them up this year). I shop and wrap for not only myself and Robby...but also for other family members that don't enjoy the process as much as I do...uh father-in-law. Oh and I start listening to Christmas music entirely too early just to make sure that I feel like I get the sufficient amount of time with it before its gone (technically I have been listening to it non-stop since oh...halloween. But hey who's counting? Well besides my husband anyway.

Yes, Robby puts up with all my silly-ness pretty well but there is really only one thing that HE wants to make it a special Christmas. SNOW! He L.O.V.E.S it. And it looks like we just might get his wish this year after all! Yesterday I heard on the radio some weatherman say "Oh I bet Tulsa doesn't get snow...Wichita yes...Tulsa no. And I was soo bummed. We always get jipped down south here. But then this morning while I was in the shower I heard Robby yell YES! and I said WHAT HAPPENED? He said they are saying on the news we are supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow! Yah yah yah! We got so excited! The anticipation for it is almost more than for Christmas itself! We will definitely enjoy it. I just wish I could go sledding this year...but I think this will be the one year Bobby and I sit out. We will just make the hot coco for everyone instead though! :)

This might just be the best Christmas ever. So much to be thankful for this much to look forward too...and hope for in the next year. I am totally feeling the warmth of the season. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Run Run Rudolph!

So is anyone else feeling the rush this year? It seems like the season is just moving so fast. I feel like I have been running around non-stop and I am feeling overwhelmed with everything I still need to get accomplished in the next couple of weeks. The problem is I have NO ENERGY to get it all done! Now granted I am suffering from a wonderful snotty nose cold, that makes my body ache like I just ran a marathon...but still, this is MY FAVORITE time of year...and I want to be able to enjoy doing the Christmas shopping, instead of feeling like breaking out in tears of exhaustion after I get back in my car from the mall. Same with wrapping presents...usually top of my list of favorite things to do, normally I can't wait to get out all the wrapping paper and ribbon as soon as I got home and get things out of the bags. This year the gifts have been sitting in a pile for a couple of days after I have bought them until I can gather enough energy to start the project. And even then I have to take breaks from my back aching from leaning over to much. Oh well, most of the fun in Christmas for me is the "preparing" so I guess I should just sit back and enjoy that the process is stretched out for me...even if its because I am a slow moving, back aching, runny nosed pregnant woman. Oh I can just see Robby drooling now...I am just so irresistible these days. hahhahahahah

In Bobby news...things are pretty quiet. I think I might have felt him kick a couple of times...but being the inexperienced mother I am, there is no telling if it was legitimately him or not. But I am waiting patiently for more communication from him. :) I am growing quite a bit. My belly sticks out pretty obviously. I have received the comment on more than one occasion that "I am big for being 5 months". I can't decide if that is exciting or depressing. I enjoy makes me feel more confident that people don't just think I am lazy for no reason if they can actually see that there is an obvious reason behind it. And I have always thought a growing baby belly is the most adorable thing. Its just that since "I" am the one growing I have realized for the first time that what isn't so cute about it is that EVERY thing else on your body grows too. And if people think I am big now...I can't imagine what I am going to look like in four more months. I'll take it long as Bobby continues to grow! Go Bobby!

So this second picture is really a not so glamorous picture of me but I wanted an example of how much my belly has grown. I don't think I realized how truly thin I was (everyone always considers themselves fat in their own personal image) but now, I am in a whole new level!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'd like to compare belly's with the next Santa I run across...

Yep I am definitely growing! I feel like my belly just looked HUGE in this dress. Oh well! I am proud to be carrying around my Bobby in there! Next time I will have to put all the pictures of my belly along to way in a row to compare.

And per Nicole's request...some pictures of Christmas time at the Reed's!