Tuesday, July 20, 2010

more pics

Big news in the Reed household...

Well my little boy is growing up...TOO FAST! Two major milestones were hit over this weekend. First, on Friday night Mommy was in playing with Bobby in the nursery and mean ole' mommy was making Bobby practice his dreaded tummy time. But this particular evening I had an extraordinarly happy boy (must have enjoyed a late afternoon nap or something) but not only was he smiling during tummy time, but he did something I wasn't even expecting...he rolled over!!!!! I couldn't believe it...I was soo excited! We jumped up and ran outside where daddy was mowing and started screaming the exciting news to him. HE ROLLED OVER!! He rolled over!! Daddy has been jumping the gun on this very issue for months now...I really think he thinks Bobby is some Olympic baby or something (or he just has a hard time realizing the reality of developmental stages for a baby) but he has been waiting for this day! So Robby jumped off the mower and we all ran back inside to the nursery, I put Bobby back down on his tummy and he did it again...not once but TWICE!! Daddy was soo proud! Now has Bobby rolled over again since that night? Nope...not even close. hahah Wouldn't you know it. But I KNOW I didn't dream it because daddy saw it too! :)

Milestone #2

Bobby slept 11 hours on Saturday night...now THAT is what I call sleeping through the night! We went to Pittsburg on Saturday to visit great grandpa RIP and I guess the trip wore him out because when we got home he crashed! I put him down at 8...and at 6:30 am I woke up in a panic! IS BOBBY still alive!?!? I ran over and checked his breathing...yep he was breathing. I went and laid back down but my mind was still racing. Was I SURE he was breathing? I got up and checked again...yes again I could see his chest moving. I laid there and tried to tell myself to leave him alone. And thank god within about twenty minutes (yes, I was still awake worrying) I heard him let out a sigh and start stirring around. I have never been so happy to jump up out of bed to get him. :) I am sooo proud of my little sleepy head though!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mommy misses baby!!!

Well thats right my maternity bliss has officially ended...I am back at work and missing my baby every minute of it. The good news is my mother in laws has been VERY patient with me when I call and text 800 times a day for updates. YES I know I am so lucky to have her to watch Bobby. During this process I have thought alot about two things that I have been grateful to avoid:

#1)I feel for those mothers that have to walk into daycare for the first time and hand their most precious item on the planet to someone they have only met a handful of times in the interviewing process.
#2)I also feel for those mothers that have to return to work after just 6 wks. I remember bookmarking in my head when that six week mark rolled around and trying to imagine what it would feel like walking away at that point...and I am so grateful I didn't have too.

My happy boy!!