Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another BIG boy moment...

Look at my BIG boy in the lower part of his stroller! He said FORGET my carrier mom, I want to SEE everything!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

num num num...

My little bitty baby isn't so tiny anymore...he is growing so fast and now eating cereal!! and he LOVED it! (momma is going to cry if time moves any faster!)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The two loves of my life...

My boys...

In a close 3rd girls.

We are a family. The Reed Family.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kayli update

The internet really started panicking me the other day so I took her after work to the vet. When I got home she had barfed two more times and was really lethargic and I was started to freak out. I just kept thinking OMG she’s dying! So I ran in the door, fed the baby, scarfed down a salad, and RAN out the door to the vet with her. They did an x-ray and THANK GOD they didn’t see any indication of a blockage. She wasn’t running a temperature. But she was started to get dehydrated. They said she probably just got really sick from the diaper and they gave her some antibiotics and nausea medicine and some really bland wet food to try with her. And said she should be feeling better by weds. (today). Well so they gave her the first dose of the medicine before we left and I really got my hopes up she was going to be good…and she vomited two more times when we got home (of course she goes for the carpet EVERYtime! lovely) so I was concerned but I just gave her another dose of the nausea medicine and took her to bed. She slept good (instead of pacing like the previous nights) but it was almost too good. She didn’t move the whole night! She was just conked out next to me. Sooo unlike her. So again I was a little concerned. BUT great news the next morning…she ran straight in and drank some water, went out and peed and wanted a treat! I didn’t’ let her have one, I just gave her some of the bland food instead and she freaked out she was so excited to eat it. I was THRILLED! She was like trying to eat fast, that’s how eager she was…I couldn’t believe it! So she HAS to be feeling better! I went ahead and gave her the nausea medicine again this morning along with her antibiotics just because I wont’ be there to monitor if her stomach is upset this morning and this way I won’t worry. But hopefully she is ALREADY feeling better!

Little Ms. Kayli scares the crap out of me every couple of years! I have spent hundreds probably thousands of dollars on her doctor bills over the years. And haven't ever had to spend a dime on coco (knock on wood). Kayli just gets herself in to trouble! She thinks she is too ferocious to be stopped...she thinks she has got everything all figured out...but not this time paid the prices for this little escapade...hopefully your diaper eating days are over!

And now as always, new pictures of my angel...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scootin' fool

So I don't know if I have mentioned this or not but Robby is a little off when it comes to child development stages. For example he expected Bobby to be rolling over by like a month old. He had a horse rocker type toy out of the box by two months just so he could set Bobby on it. I usually just laugh him off and take my poor child from his silly dad and lay him back down to play more age appropriate games. BUT I have to admit that Robby has been right on more than one occasion by letting Bobby pursue more grown up things than I would have ever guessed. My next picture is a perfect example of this...

Behold the WALKER!! Robby had been dying to get one of these...and I actually had quite a bit of trouble finding one. Finally on a last minute trip into a Walmart for diapers (in the new HUGE Coffeeville Walmart) I just happened to venture down the wrong baby isle on the first try and lucky thing I did because look what I found. A WALKER!! Boy did Robby's eyes light up when I came huffing and puffing out the door of the store carrying this and the box of diapers in this heat. We could hardly wait to get Bobby into it...and of course it is a little much for him at this point (I mean the child is only 3 1/2 months old) so I feel like I have to watch him ultra close at all times to make sure he doesn't face plant into the toys attached on the front. BUT he can scoot in this thing! It may be just one foot at a time (which sends his overly enthusiastic parents into a screeching frenzy) but I bet that before we know it he will be peddling around our island like Fred Flintstone! Our little Bobby is growing SOO FAST!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wonderful weekend...

This weekend was EXACTLY what I needed. It hit the spot. We had the most low key, relaxing, catch up on home time, family weekend...and I loved every second of it. I snuggled Bobby almost every minute of it! And I think he enjoyed every bit of the attention as well because he nursed good all weekend...he took several long indulgent naps (mommy joined him for a two hour nap each afternoon, just the two of word "HEAVEN". Nothing can describe the feeling of bliss I felt when he would wake up next to me with a "WHERE am I panic'd look", then he would see my face and immediately relax and close those eyes right back up and sink back into sleepy wonderland. My heart would melt right there, E V E R Y time). And we played, played and played...there was lots of giggles, hokey pokey and wheels on the bus that could be heard from our house this weekend.

And even amidst the snuggling I was still able to get a million other things accomplished too(long overdue items!). I got the house clean, the laundry caught up, the car washed and vacuumed out, got groceries, and I even cooked a MEAL for lunch yesterday. YES I COOKED! YAH! Its been weeks since I have had enough time to prepare a meal...probably not since I have come back to work to be exact. Ohhh again...this weekend was just so wonderful.

The only negative angle I can even think of is that I am still terribly worried about my first born baby Kayli. She got a hold of and ate an entire diaper at the end of last week and she is STILL throwing up from it. The first night she threw up several times but I wasn't extremely worried yet...and since then I have gone through phases where I think she is fine. She is still running and jumping and drinking and peeing. BUT I don't think she is eating, and I have noticed a couple more times she threw up. Last night she woke me up at 11:30 by jumping off the bed, so I let her out of the room and followed her...where she ran to the dining room and threw up again and there wasn't even food in it. THATS IT, something is wrong...I am calling the vet, we are going in tonight right after work. Then this morning I made the worst decision by searching the internet about it. The gel and absorbent material in the diapers could be expanding in her tummy and/or causing a blockage. WHHHHAT?! This afternoon can't come quick enough...I really want to rush home now and get her in. My poor baby!!! SURELY just a couple more hours will be fine....right?!?!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today is my Friday...YAH! I get three whole days ahead with Mr. Bobby and I can't wait! We have been on the go for several weeks straight now (with the passing of my gramp RIP) so this is the first weekend we were can just kick back and relax. I want to let Bobby nap when he wants whenever he wants to...and have no formal schedule (instead of me feeling like I am dragging him from place to place to do things that accommodate MY schedule). I do have one thing on the list for this weekend...but it truly is for him...3 month pictures tomorrow! I can not tell you how excited I am for them! I don't have a whole lot of ideas or creativity (being a rookie and all) but I am thinking we can't go wrong with naked pictures at this age. So stayed tuned for some earth shattering cuteness coming your way!

In other news (which I am behind in reporting, as usual) Bobby gave me a scare last week. He decided randomly on Saturday that he hated me and that he didn't want to nurse anymore. I freaked out of course and tried desperately with no luck to nurse for the next four days...before we finally had a break through and he got back on schedule. That is after a frantic call to St. Francis and some good ole' tips from the lactation specialists. They called it a "nursing strike". When a baby anywhere from 3-8 months suddenly refuses the breast (without any reasonable excuse of being ill, or the milk tasting bad etc). Thank goodness the strikes usually don't last long...and according to the lady "babies will always prefer to breastfeed over the bottle, they are born to nurse". Well I love that in theory...but boy was I scared our nursing days were coming to an end whether I liked it or not. But I just kept pumping and kept offering it to him and finally we got somewhere! I don't think I will ever take nursing for granted again. I love the bonding of breastfeeding and this whole experience just reaffirms to me that I am not ready to quit ANY time soon.

Now on to some cuteness...sorry these aren't very good...but they will get you through...Enjoy your weekend.

Kayli supervising our play session. :-)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PEACE OUT MOM! I am going to grandma's!!

I took this picture this morning before daddy and Bobby left because Bobby was just looking so dang cute...and I captured the funniest look so I imagined that is what he was saying to me! Peace out mom! I am going to Grandma's!