Monday, November 30, 2009

I LOVE the holidays...

I LOVE the holidays...but I'll tell you what...I can already tell this year is going to be harder than usual because I get so tired I can barely keep up! I feel like I didn't even get to sit down the entire four days I was off! That's was a great weekend and I wouldn't change any of it! I'll start from the beginning of my holiday weekend...I got some great news from my OB on Weds afternoon that my amniocentesis came back completely normal. I not quite ready to go into detail about why this was so important...but let's just say I had been losing sleep waiting to hear those results...hoping and praying to hear good news...and I DID! I could hardly believe it. The nurse double checked again and yes, again she said the words to me. "Your results came back completely normal...the doctor read the report with a smile on her face and told me to GO CALL HER BACK AND TELL HER THE GOOD NEWS!"

W. O. W.

Talk about the best day of my life! I called my husband and then shot out of my chair at work to do a lap around the office giving hugs and spreading my wonderful news! We continued the celebration that night by going out to eat and smiling ear to ear the whole time. What a way to start a long weekend! :)

Then came Turkeyday! Boy did we ever have alot to give thanks for! I had gotten up early to make one of my favorite staples for late grandma's mashed potatoes. (I seriously think I could survive on potatoes alone these days.) And then we had to Robby's grandma's to celebrate the day. Thank goodness it was a pretty low key day because I was already worn out from all the excitement the day before.

Friday morning....AKA BLACK FRIDAY! Well I chickened out on going to do the early EARLY bird shopping even though it crossed my mind a million times, right up until I went to bed Thursday night. My girlfriend was all ready to go at 3 AM if I was up for it...but I just didn't think I could hang with her. I decided to go for the less craziness at about 8AM. There were still a few stores that had lines wrapping around the place but thank goodness I never had to get in any of those lines. I went with my mother-in-law and she had a list of huge items and was on a mission. Lets just say four tie-downs and seven hours later we were back to the house unloading and finishing up with online shopping. WHAT A DAY!

And there was no resting in the picture for the poor pregnant lady from there either...oh no, I had to get right back up and be out the door by 8AM again the next morning with Robby on the way to Norman for the Bedlam game. The weather was nice and we played good so it was a wonderful day. We stopped for dinner in OKC at Bricktown so by the time we got home it was dark and another day was gone. of rest right? Ahem...I was my first day at home in a while and I had A LOT to catch up on. I put clean flannel sheets on the bed (ready for a our cold weather!), did all the laundry, gave the girls a bath, went and got groceries, cleaned the house, wrapped Christmas presents, worked on my performance review for work, and we finished the Christmas lights outside (in the COLD and rain I might add) but it was totally worth it because the house looks a million times better.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm still here! Barely...

Hello all! I'm back! Well for the moment at least. I finally got a moment to breath and catch up on my blogging and I'm going to make a significant effort to keep it up! Does it feel like anyone else is just barely surviving, behind on everything they do, can't keep up with everything that is asked of them? I hope I am not alone! Ahh...the holidays are just beginning.

Here are some updates on what's been going on in my crazy world.
-I hosted my side of the family's Thanksgiving this last was probably one of my favorite family get together's I have had in years. My family has just been my on call support system lately and so it just felt good to get to see them in person, give some hugs, have some laughs, and say some thank you's. I really NEEDED some family time! Plus the FOOD...ohhh the food. Thanksgiving dinner is sooo my favorite meal! On top of it all...I can't think of anything that made my heart more happy than having my nieces and nephew running around my house. It was a beautiful day outside so the girls were out gathering sticks, and my nephew was occupied by my husband (who also can be considered a kid when my nephew is around)...they are always playing catch, shooting baskets, or even playing board games. Yes I have seen it all...Robby is and always was definitely meant to have a son.

-We attempted putting up our Christmas lights on the outside of the house...and got about half way done. My neighbor that we usually borrow the ladder from was gone so regardless of my anxiety my husband just crawled around on the roof to get all them all hung!

-We did as much as we could with the supplies that we already had from last year...but of course a few of the strands of lights have gone out...and since Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday's we had to save the rest of the job for this coming weekend. Here is the work in progress...

-I went inside and pulled out all the indoor Christmas decorations directly afterward...but the outside work had pretty much worn me out so I barely have my tree up... but not quite decorated. Thank goodness its a prelit tree so it looks good from the outside at least. I have a mountain of decorations in crates all over the living room waiting to be put out. They sat there unmoved last night I really need to get motivated soon and get the rest of the decorating done before someone stops by and witnesses my mess. :)
-One of the biggest things I did this weekend was going to see NEW MOON with Stacy!! OMG!! Loved it so much! Can't wait to go back and see it again. I am sure plenty of you are equally as obsessed as I let me hear your thoughts? Did you LOVE it?!?!
Now I know this is a long entry...but its that's how I am justifying it. :) Anyway on to baby Bobby news. He is doing great! Every time I go in for a ultrasound the tech's always tell me without me even busy he is in there! Last time I got to see his hand move up and he put it in his mouth...I wonder if he was sucking his thumb? hmmm. I am waiting patiently to feel him move...and maybe JUST MAYBE I felt it this morning. But being the inexperienced mother I am I have no idea whether it was or not for sure. It was all on the right side of my belly button and over and over again...BUT I am not sure it wasn't just liquid moving through. You know how sometimes liquid gurgles through your stomach...well maybe it was just that...but on the other hand I heard people say it feels like bubbles or gas...well that was pretty similar...SOOO MAYBE IT WAS BOBBY! Either way I can't wait to feel him!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sleeping arrangements...

Here I am a day shy of 16 weeks...and the sleeping is officially getting uncomfortable. I can't really lay on my stomach anymore...and this is very bad news because it was my old standard position. If I tilt a little with my leg out that helps so I am not completely flattening out my stomach but its still just not quite the same. The most dramatic trouble I am having though is that my book says that I shouldn't be sleeping on my back anymore. That my uterus is slightly mobile and it settling back there on my spine can cut off circulation not only to me but to the baby. Ok got it...not doing that anymore.

...Until last night....

For the first time I realized how much I end up sleeping on my back. Never noticed it before! But yes, it happens several times a night. UGH! What to do...what to do. More than once last night I woke up already laying in that position causing complete panic in my brain as to how long I had been laying like that without knowing. I think its officially time for a body pillow. Or actually maybe just one of our King sized pillows will do the trick...maybe as long as I am tilted a little it will be enough to do the trick. Hopefully! Because the reality of it is...I have a LONG way to go...and its going to get a LOT worse before it gets better.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Drumroll please....

So I must start out again by apologizing for my lack of communication. As I finished off the longest month of work in my life last week AND THEN we finished off the week by getting the BEST news of our lives!

Wednesday: My 2nd prenatal appt...yah! I had been looking forward to this. Everything went fine...I met with my actual OB doctor for the first time instead of just the nurse practitioner. I liked her, she gave me the vibe of very smart, very comfortable in her position...been doing it for 30 plus years (yes I asked). :-) Just very comforting. All the normal little things they do went blood pressure, my weight...everything right on schedule. She said his heartbeat was that very second the old wise tale popped in my mind WHAT did it say if the heartbeat was below it would be a boy or a girl? hmmm. Then she asked if I wanted to do the down syndrome test...and Robby and I looked at each other and thought...well why not. She says ok well it has to be done between 16-19 weeks...or your test will come back abnormal. Was your last period a normal one? I answer with a yes, but that it was 12 or so days which she says ohhhh...hmm...well in that case I think we'd better do an ultrasound to verify that you are just 15 weeks....and not further along because that will skew the test results. YAH! Sooo excited! I get an ultrasound! Seems like everyone else I know gets an ultrasound every time they go to their doctor, and here I was probably only going to get the one at 20 weeks.

So they call and schedule the ultrasound for the next morning (Thursday) at noon. Robby and I are SOO excited! We get in there and it is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be. We could see the little baby bouncing around and moving its little legs up and down, we could see its face, its feet, its everything! I exactly 15 weeks like we had suspected, and it weighed a whopping 4 oz. How CUTE!! LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! And the tech says....well I think I can already tell what it you want to know??! Before I can even say anything Robby practically screams YES! we want to know. I look over at him...and then I look back at the tech and agree with Robby...yes we would like to know.

And the drum roll please

......ITS a BOY!!!!!!!! Little Bobby Reed!!!

I can't describe the excitement that went on in that room. Robby jumped out of his chair with his arm shooting straight up in the charge position and yelled YES!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!! I started laughing so hard that tears were coming down. I was SO excited...seeing him sooo happy meant the WORLD to me. This was it...the moment we had been waiting for. Who knew we would find out this early!?! We were thrilled. We got our sonogram pics and headed back to work beaming...and bursting at the seams to spread the news. I can honestly say it was the best moment of my life!!