Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 28th Birthday! Man, I feel old. Not in the sense of oh my life is almost over...its more in the sense of THIS is all my birthday amounts to these days? It used to be the MAIN event...now its just a simple night out to dinner with the family. Would I want it any other way? Nah...

Remember the years as a child when birthdays ranked right up there with Christmas?! It felt like life stopped and you were queen for a day! You had a party at school where your mom brought treats, a party at home with all your family, and then a party with your friends at skating rink or maybe even a slumber party. There was cake, ice cream, pizza, presents and smiles galore! It didn't seem like it could ever get better than that! Then middle school hit the years came along where you wanted to have a boy/girl party... I remember girls huddled in our bathroom curling our hair, and putting on our best pair of Pepe jeans and slow dances with BoyzIIMen. Man, we thought we were so mature. Then it was high school and we started expecting BIGGER gifts each year, a car, new clothes....expensive clothes. My favorite memory that comes to mind is my senior year (on my 18th birthday...ten years ago today) I got roses at school (yah, that was cool) and then that night I won the 2001 Winter Sports Homecoming Queen. This was a BIG deal to me. If you asked my husband that kind of crap was not very important...lots of girls win homecoming...but not in our town. We didn't have one of those schools where there were girls from each class...no, we had to wait till we were seniors to get nominated and you only had two chances...Fall or Winter Sports Queen. And I had just won one of those spots. Talk about a good birthday!

 Now it just seems like the day comes and passes with little to no excitement. I was just telling one of my girlfriends this morning Thank God for facebook, when I got to work and I already had over 30 messages waiting to wish me Happy B-day....it does make you feel loved! The day went on and turned out to be a pretty good birthday.  I received what seems like hundreds more birthday wishes, I had lunch out with some good girlfriends and then out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants (Molly's Landing) where I received the BEST gift EVER. Grandma Kaye had worked with Bobby to make me a gift. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

How CUTE is that!??! He still had the faint signs of ink on his hands and feet while we were in the bubble bath tonight. Adorable!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Of course these pictures don't do it justice because you can not tell the depth but we received 20 inches in one day...here is the record breaking snow as it was coming down from the view of my back porch.
 Opening my front door
 Opening my garage door...
 Daddy stays super busy during these snow days...but finally we did get some family time.

 Now we just need to get Bobby some matching Carhardts.

 Then it was time to just snuggle inside...where it was warm and cozy. He liked that better!

I honestly don't even know what I am going to do if we get the additional 5-10 inches they are calling for this week. I just got my car out of the garage today for the first time in almost a week. Talk about cabin fever. I can't stand it. I M.U.S.T break free to the outside world again. I can NOT miss anymore work. I want to be able to go to the store and buy meat, or bread, or milk (that's right they are ALL OUT!). I have had enough of this chaos! I lost power for about a half hour this morning and I thought I was going to go into a state of panic! I was just sure it would be days before they got it fixed...thank GOD it came back on shortly. I think I am just on a short fuse.  But hopefully this week will turn around...my BIRTHDAY is Tuesday...and I am determined to get out and enjoy it! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabin Fever!

Mark this day in the history books...there hasn't ever been anything like it! Record breaking snowfall here in Oklahoma! I think the official count from the news is 20 inches for us here in the Claremore area. But that is nothing compared to the chest high snow drifts my husband has sworn he has seen today. Yes, my husband is one of those crazy lunatics out trying to work in this. He starts panting and pacing with excitement as soon as the snow is forecasted (taping the news forecast on every channel to compare) and then I can hardly hog tie him down long enough to actually wait till it STOPS snowing before he is out the door ready to work. He gets the tractor out and starts clearing driveways and parking lots. He was out the door yesterday afternoon around three and I haven't seen him since. He worked till late in the night and back out before six this morning...he didn't even come home to sleep. He just crashed in town with his helper so they could get right back to it this morning. I will give it to him he is a HARD worker, I don't know many people that can last out in these sub-zero temperatures and I am proud. But I am bored and lonely! Thank god I have Bobby to entertain me...but I think even he is tired of me! We have been moving from room to room just for a change of scenery and new toys. And boy we have been L.A.Z.Y...I took two 1 1/2 hour long naps with him today (yes daddy is out working his ace off probably losing toes to frostbite and I am at home snoozing with the baby) but what can I do? I have nothing ELSE to do. I would do anything to go to town.
    Supposedly my office is supposed to be open tomorrow...but I guess I will be burning another vacation day because there is NO WAY I can get there. I don't even think Westbound 44 is open yet. When the highways are closed and there are still more abandoned cars on the road than driven ones...I think its still time to call off work. Oh well...I will try and remind myself of my blessings that I am safe and warm at home with my baby. And maybe oh maybe I will see my husband again some day...

Hope everyone is safe at home and still has plenty of food!