Monday, October 19, 2009

Daddy, momma and baby...pumpkins that is...

First off I need to cover something...I am so sorry I have been MIA! I know I have been slacking on posting, emailing, and just reading everyone else's blog entries. I can honestly say I am in the midst of the most frustrating (slam your head in your desk) month of work I have endured since I started this career back in 2005. Suddenly without warning the perfect storm was created on my desk making it difficult to even make it through the day let alone survive endless amounts of meetings on how to handle all the changes that need to be implemented over the next couple of months. What a time to have a heavy work load huh? No wonder I can even stay awake through a TV show that starts at 8:30 anymore...I already drained before I even get home from work. In has been busy!
So with that covered...we can move on. It was a great weekend...I felt pretty good and since the game was away this week I wasn't drained from traveling. I got a lot done around the house, got my mind off work, and spoiled my myself with lots of good food and rest. Like I mentioned up above I have been going to bed so early it's actually not even been a problem getting up early. Maybe I will handle that part of having kids better than I thought...who would have ever thought the trick was as easy as go to bed as early as you do on week nights? haha.
On a cute holiday note...I dragged Robby to take me to get pumpkins yesterday. And cheerfully came out of the store to show him the prized choices I made. Even the former grump about the pumpkins couldn't resist smiling about this.

Daddy, Momma and Baby pumpkins

Note: You might notice Momma pumpkin is almost as big as Daddy pumpkin these days. :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Flu season.... anyone else freaking out about this flu going around? I mean I find myself slathering hand sanitizer ten plus times a day. Which normally wouldn't be so bad except for my sense of smell is so amplified that the already strong aroma of the sanitizer nearly knocks my knees out from under me. Better safe than sorry...I am already miserable a random times of the day, I definitely don't want to add actual flu symptoms to the list. My sister said there were like 207 kids home sick last week from my niece's school. Oh my goodness...I would say it has officially effected our area. Thank goodness my company is providing flu shots tomorrow...although of course that doesn't include the H1N1 shot...but its better than nothing. Hope you guys are taking precautions as well...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend updates...

Is anyone else just in the BEST mood about fall coming? This weekend was filled with comfy sweats and house-shoes (that's right no flip flops), chili simmering, and snuggling on the couch for football. Now till Christmas is my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E time of year. I get a rush of warm fussy feelings just thinking about holidays coming...and now that I am baking something special inside of me, its only going to make enjoying the season that much better! I can NOT wait! I can indulge in every peanut butter ball, turkey and stuffing serving, rolls, mashed potatoes, I want it ALL!!

Yes, the cravings are in full force still. Robby died laughing at me the other night for commenting on how good the salad looked on tv...the funny thing was we were watching King of the Hill...a cartoon that was having salad!!! That gives a little idea how easily my cravings come on. I did fulfill and lingering craving this weekend. We went to the fair and I finally got my fried pickles! I can hardly even talk about them now without wanting them again! They were amazing!!...everything I remembered and more. I also had a deliciously fattening baked potato that could have stopped hearts with the amount of butter that was on it. Ahhh I love fair food. I was so stuffed I didn't even have room for the funnel cake. Oh well, next time. All this wonderful food talk and I wonder why my pants felt even tighter this morning than they did when I wore them last week? hmm.

In actual pregnancy news...I had a rough weekend sickness wise. I was nauseated Friday night, all afternoon Saturday and threw up before church yesterday morning. I couldn't believe I was having so much trouble...I mean I am half way through my 11th week and kinda thought I might be out of the woods with all this morning sickness. I guess I jinked it. Also, my back has really been hurting...I had Robby trying to rub out the spot and he thinks it's just a knot...but I have been in enough pain that I had to take Tylenol every night this weekend for it. Speaking of Robby...his lot in life has been increasingly difficult lately...I complain often, he is having to pick up alot more of my slack in household duties, and there is no telling when he has to duck and hide from my next explosion. He handles it well though...most of the time just trying to keep from laughing. Cause lets just be honest here...most of my madness is for ridiculous reasons. ;-) He rubs my feet, rubs my back, and helps with the cleaning...I can't really ask for more. Its just his share of this baby building process....right? haha

Friday, October 2, 2009

11 weeks along

Sorry I feel like I have been out of pocket...its been a BUSY week! I don't have much to report...I did kind of throw up on Tuesday...but it was so little that I really don't even think I should fully count it. I think I could have avoided it but my body just kept saying it would just feel so much better, and it did! Other updates, I feel like I have gained more control of my crazy hunger with more consistent snacks. I had a couple of nights where I had an hour or two randomly in the night where I couldn't sleep. And my lower back has been aching today. But otherwise pregnancy is just moving right along. I have moments here and there but for the most part I have been feeling better I am thinking maybe I am almost out of the woods! I took another belly progress picture. Keep in mind this probably has nothing to do with "baby" and more to do with my current diet but here's the lastest.

11 weeks and counting...