Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall 2011

I am sad to say that I just noticed (while reading one of my gf's blogs) that I hadn't posted in three months. Oh the guilt! I never meant for it to get so out of control! I love the purpose of the blog, documenting our life, love looking back, love being able to share pictures and stories with friends and family. I just need to make it a priority. The main excuse I have is that 99% of the time I have in the evenings to surf the internet, I do it from my Ipad, which is not exactly the most friendly for typing out blog entries. Who would have thought that we have an invention that makes even a laptop look like to much work to mess with for the evening...

Anyway moving on, life is moving along quickly and wonderfully. Bobby has finally adjusted to going to his mothers day out program beautifully...and I am thrilled to get happy notes home in his backpack. It was a rough start and I would be lying if I didn't say that I had to be talked out of yanking him from the program more than once. BUT in the end I have to keep reminding myself that my main priority is to do what is BEST for bobby, which is not necessarily the EASIEST thing for Bobby. It was worth the struggle and I feel like Bobby is really benefiting from the child interaction.

First day of school

Doting mother...

So far we have a happy and healthy winter season (minus an annoying cough I have struggled with) but Bobby is doing great. We went to his 18 mth appt the other day and he is just cruising along the charts at 32 1/2 inches and 23 lbs 4 oz. He has dropped to the 25th percentile in his weight which concerns me a tad (as you may recall while nursing he was rolling in at the top of the charts at 97th percentile) but now that he is so busy and on the go I am sure its natural to even more out. He doesn't always seem that interested in his milk, so with Dr. Nicole's suggestion we added Strawberry syrup to it and its working like a charm!

As if life wasn't busy enough already the holiday season has kicked into full gear. This weekend was packed to the max with family pictures yesterday followed by a wedding in the evening. Our normal babysitters (grandma and grandpa) were also in attendence to the wedding so Bobby went as well. It made for a long day for all of us...but we had a WONDERFUL time and made up for it with a three out nap today. Really looking forward to next weekend not just for thanksgiving itself but the shopping that goes along with it. My sister Skye is always gracious enough to host the whole family to camp out at her house all weekend soooo I plan to take off for KC Thursday afternoon (after our thanksgiving with Robby's family). We are going to hit it hard on Black Friday and then Saturday is all eating and fun...we plan to repeat our trip from last year to taking all the kids ice skating down and Crown Center Saturday evening. Oh I just love this time of year!

The next weekend is even busier yet...our neighborhood Christmas party starts off the weekend on Friday night. Following by Saturday being Robby and I's 6th wedding anniversary, Bedlam, AND my work Christmas party! And I am not even done yet....the next day on Sunday I am co-hosting one of my girlfriend's baby shower! I am exhausted thinking about it all. Its one thing when you have a full schedule to be able to put priorities on things...but when ALL the elements are things that are important to gets overwhelming. The key is that is such a blessing to be so busy...I always say "a busy life is a happy life"...just making lots of memories.

Last but not least...Bobby in his halloween costume. He was a golfer. Outfit worked like a charm, comfortable and easy to get in and out of his carseat!