Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting close...toooo close...

So I definitely think that I am having some of those Braxton Hicks contractions now. SCARY! I know they are normal and no big deal...but it just reaffirms in my mind what I have been in denial of for the last couple of weeks. This is getting REAL...real fast!

I have recently noticed that I am swelling. My first indicator was when I saw that my socks had left indentations in my leg. Attractive! Since then I have to forego my wedding ring...after lotion'ing up and prying it off my poor finger (that I thought was about to turn blue with the lack of circulation). Oh and don't I love walking around as a giantly pregnant woman without a wedding band. Naturally though, I would assume that ANYone that has been pregnant realizes that its very normal and that most women in the end of their pregnancies can hardly wear their rings.

In other news...I really feel like I am getting all my ducks in a row. I got our hospital tour setup for 4/12 (if I haven't already had the baby by then!), I went over lunch the other day and did the preliminary paperwork for my epidural, I called to get setup pediatrician, and now I need call my insurance and find out if there is any pre-certifications I should be doing or anything.

We went to the doctor yesterday and they estimated Bobby to be around 6lbs 5oz already! I have a feeling he is going to be a big guy like his daddy was. Robby was almost ten pounds when he was born...and I was a little chubby monkey shortly after I was between the two of us...I foresee carrying around a heavy car seat.

The beautiful weather has really gave me spring fever...I have been daydreaming of taking Bobby on walks in the stroller...or putting a little ball cap on him and going to visit daddy and grandpa at work. How cute would that be!?!? I am sure they wouldn't be proud or happy to see him. haha

Monday, March 8, 2010

We are ready now!!

Yesterday I went to lay down after breakfast and I could hear Robby banging around in the living room and yelled whatcha doing...his reply was "don't worry about it, its a suprise" but was to tired to get up and see what the fuss was about....and I figured he was just putting away gifts for me. A little while later I woke up with Robby opened the door and flipped the light on and was rolling in our stroller...he put it all together while I napped! SO SWEET!

So then we decided to take a crack at the pack'n'play too. I love the pattern we picked out! I feel like we are really get close to be ready for little Bobby...he could come tomorrow and we might just make it!

The nursery....

My husband and father in law built the crib and matching dresser....they did an AMAZING job!

The dog pictures....thank you to everyone who helped with this project!!
Drum roll please....the CRIB!

Alison suprised me with this Pottery Barn chair! I didn't even register for it...I never saw it coming and was THRILLED!

And last but not least...the STACKED closet after putting away lot of the gifts....

My work shower...

The girls at work did SUCH an amazing job...I felt so special! Thanks girls!

The Chanute shower...

My sisters and I...

Once again, I was so blessed to have lots of friends and family there to support me!

This was the NEATEST gift ever...sorry the pictures aren't in order...but you will get the sister Alison and my niece Abbey had been working on this for a while...and I KNEW they had something cooking...but NEVER dreamed to what they had done! They had bought SO MANY clothes (all different sizes) and attached them all to a clothes went ALL THE WAY around the room! Bobby will be dressed for years! Thank you Addy...most unique gift I have ever seen!

Aunt Skye got me the Pack'n'Play....

All my brothers and sisters and mom went in together to get me the travel system that I wanted (carseat/stroller)...they spoiled me rotten!

I received so many wonderful presents that day...thank you to EVERYone...I feel so blessed. Bobby is going to be ALL SET!

Shower time!!

Boy do I have lots of updates...the problem is I haven't had time to write them. But the pictures...they can't wait. I'll start with the Oklahoma shower...

I had so many wonderful people show up to support me....I felt so loved and spoiled!

Here are my wonderful hostess's....Nicole (left) Tara (right) they truly did such an amazing job! I am SO lucky to have them in my life!

The punch...

My good friend Andrea made the cake...can you believe those skills she's got?!?! Amazing!! On top of it all....she is ten days from delivering her third child...I feel so special she put her precious energy into a cake for me!

There she is....we are comparing bumps!

I LOVE this mom looks so happy and proud...I will treasure this picture forever!

And I LOVE this picture as well...I am certainly cheesing it...but I think it shows my overall mood at the shower!