Friday, December 13, 2013

A day in the Life...

A Day in the life…

Since I have a baby, my morning starts EXTRA early…Jaden usually stirs around anywhere between 2:30 -3:30am time range. I know it sounds crazy but I am not one of those momma’s that can’t wait for their babies to sleep through the night. Jade did two nights ago and I MISSED her so much by morning. I felt like we missed usually quiet time together. Not that she is really awake during any of it anyway. She stirs around by wiggling and grunting (not a big crier) and I stumble in there and change her diaper in the dim light of the hall so its not too bright, then I nurse her back to sleep and she snuggles and snoozes through the whole thing. I swear her sleepy nursing is like euphoria for her….she is just so at peace. She goes back down super easy, I rarely have trouble of her fighting back to sleep IN the night. Back to bed I go…and snuggle back into a warm toddler that has rolled into my spot on the bed.

Then the alarm goes off at 5:30AM. Robby jumps out of bed like it’s no big deal. I lay there wishing it wasn’t time to start the day. He goes in the bathroom banging around (bull in a china cabinet)so again, I mosey on into Jade’s room and nurse, change her diaper and then I tuck her in her carseat. Robby has finished getting ready, started the truck, and took all the backpacks and lunches to the car by then…and is usually waiting for me with a sleepy bobby draped over his shoulder. The second bobby hears or see’s me he immediately starts whining that he wants his mommy. I LOVE it. I grab my robe and house shoes, take that growing-way-to-big boy on my chest and we make our way out to the truck. The instant we walk outside and feel the change in air, he immediately tucks his arms inside my robe and grabs me tight. Another mommy moment I SOAK up with JOY every day. I load him up in his carseat and tuck a blanket around him like a burrito and kiss him repeatedly until he tells me to stop in an annoyed tone. To which I reply, you love my kisses, you only pretend to not like them. EVERY SINGLE DAY we do this. then I hurry around to the other side of the truck where robby has loaded Jade and I kiss her a few dozen times till Robby tells me to knock it off (she can’t fight me off herself yet) and then I move to the next window (robby’s) give him a kiss and we exchange “be careful’s, have a good days, and love you’s”. again…EVERY SINGLE DAY we do this. Then I usually run back inside and jump back in bed for a few minutes to warm back up! This morning, I was a good girl and did NOT get back in the bed, instead I slid on my tennis shoes and went straight to the tread mill in the garage to knock my run out of the way for the day. I jumped in the shower and then I sit down for makeup. I setup my breastpump next to my makeup counter so I can multi task while sitting still. I pump and get makeup done in about 15-20 mins. Then I have to blow dry my hair (5 mins) and run a straightener through it (another 5 mins). I try to quickly go put on my clothes which should take no time at all, but sometimes I don’t’ know what I am wearing and I can waste a good ten minutes doing that. I am usually pushing the clock by then and need to hurry…I run in the kitchen and wash my pump, grab a granola bar and a bottle of water and run out the door. I have to back my car out and then run inside again to open Coco’s doggie door so she can access to the garage all day (yes, gross I know but the garage is better than an accident in the house!) and then off to work I go (7AM). I have a 35 min commute and then I can start my day at work. Goal is to be there by 7:30…usually get there 7:40.

I have to pump again mid-morning, and then I usually start my lunch hour around 11:30ish give or take. I change my clothes in the office bathroom and go run the trail at the park behind our building. I try and do this every day of the week that I don’t’ have lunch plans with Tara, or have an appt ,or an longer errand that HAS to be done. I am very stingy with my lunch hours…I have a lot to cram in each day. After I run the trail I climb the stairs of the building. The days that I have run outside I do 12 sets of stairs…if its too cold outside to run I will just do the stairs 2 times for my exercise. That 72 sets of stairs. I feel like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest! BUT I STILL have a few pounds of baby weight to go so I am determined to keep after it. Then I run back down stairs change my clothes and still have a half hour to run a quick errand. I usually just need to make my daily phone calls. Call robby check on his day, call kaye and check on how the kids day is going, and call skye and chatter for the reminder of the time and head back to work. Then I head in the kitchen to heat up a frozen lunch (that I EAT every single day, don’t’ worry I am a repetitive eater so it is my preference, not my discipline). And I go back to my desk to proceed to eat the low calorie food with an oversized portion of chips (probably the reason I am still fighting the last few pounds, HA! But I can’t be perfect everywhere…if I am TOO strict on myself I will end up overeating sometime later). Then work work work, pump again mid-afternoon and then at 4:30 it’s time to go. I fight traffic on the commute again, as I make my same three phone calls on the way home. Then I change my clothes as fast as I can so that I can be ready when the kids walk in the door.

I grab Bobby and hug and kiss him like crazy until we get inside and I usually have cartoons on and ready for him when he walks in (if he falls asleep on the way home, he is usually grumpy so he can stare at the tv for a few minutes as he wakes up). I grab Jade and nurse her on the couch sitting next to Bobby and Robby goes through the mail. I put Jade down under her playmate or up on the island in her bumbo and I start dinner. About half the time robby will clean up dinner and I lay on the floor playing with the kids. I pack up Bobby clothes in his backpack and pack his lunch for the next day and we tinker some more with toys etc. If it’s a bath night for Jade, I get that ready in the kitchen sink and robby helps me bathe her…she is AWFULLY wiggly! Then lotion her up and fresh jammies, and comb her hair and fill up her humidifier for the night. We play some more and then I put her down around 8. Then if I haven’t gotten my exercise in yet for the day, the boys and I head to the garage so I can run on the treadmill, as robby does copper, and bobby plays with toys. Then its time for bobby’s bath. I still take a bath with him and its one of my favorite times a day because it’s his and I’s activity together. We have lots of boat toys and he loves playing in the water. I get him out and in fresh jammies and comb his hair and robby brushes his teeth, takes him to pee and we all get in bed. Yep, he sleeps with us. We don’t mind it at all….I can’t even imagine him not sleeping in there. We tickle and giggle till about 9 and then we turn on ONE cartoon for bobby to wind down and then its lights out anywhere between 9:30-10pm. Jade used to wake up around 11:30pm ….BUT recently she has been sleeping better so it may have just been that damn cold she had forever that was causing her trouble.

And then it all begins again…..


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