Friday, November 1, 2013


This title has never been more has just been such a miserable week! Between family pictures, fall festivals at school, parent teacher conferences, and trick or treating I have had enough...and did I mention the small detail that there has been someone sick in our house everyday for at least two weeks! First Bobby with the cold, then Jade with the cold (that still will not die!) then on to this terrible ANNOYING stomach bug that refuses to leave me alone (and managed to hit every single one of our family members as well! But of course I get it the most severe). I started with it on Monday and on to Tuesday but thought I could go on living...then Weds around lunch I suddenly started feeling like everything was going down...spiraling DOWN FAST. I survived about an another hour at work before I gave in and headed home. I spend the next 17 hours in bed (other than getting up to feed the baby and making Bobby some mac&chz for dinner (how I even got that accomplished I have no idea...I guess a mother never really can stop). And I did my best to pull it together for trick or treating last night. I feel quite a bit better today...still no where near 100% but my fever, headache, and the aches are FINALLY gone! My dad emailed me this afternoon saying he saw the bug on the news and it should last five days...well today is day 5! So please god, say I will be over this by tomorrow. We still have one more halloween get together to go and I would like to actually enjoy it!

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