Thursday, October 24, 2013

We have kind of had a rough few days...I know so much has to be due to this crazy weather. Everyone's allergies are just going CRAZY! Bobby started out with a fever last Weds night and then acted fine on ThursDAY then fever again all evening and then again better on Friday.But then the snot made its way down into this chest and a terrible cough ensued. We had a weekend full of plans, nothing major just get togethers with friends and a birthday party, but enough that I nervous every day that he wasn't 100% that we should just cancel everything. But he seems to be FEELING better. So theres the question...where is the line? Do you stop life and keep the child home to rest when you know he's trying to recover...or do resume normal activities assuming that their actions will tell the story of how they feel? I mean as long as they aren't burning a fever you have to almost move on, there is no telling how long a cough will last! On the side note though, I did let Bobby stay home from school on Monday to get some extra rest and try and complete his recovery. Jade on the other hand has been a trooper...there were a few questionable moments where I would get terrified that she was coming down with a bug also...but thank the lord above (knock on wood) so far so good. And the great news is that I think we may have finally kicked thrush! 

Eating her ba-ba at grandma's house...

So have I mentioned how hard I have been working out? The second I got the ok from the doctor at the 6 week mark from having Jade I started exercising. I ran at first but my knees were just killing me! So I switched it up to some workout DVD's. Jillian Michaels to be specific. I have stuck with it every since. I am talking working out 4 or 5 times a week. Its been alot of work but its paying off. I still mix in running at the park behind my office on my lunch hour every once in a while but for the most part I can contribute most of my weight loss to Jillian. I started back to work at a weight plateau (where my body naturally stopped losing from the baby) and since then (Aug 1st) I have lost 15 more lbs. I have an additional 10 left to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. But I am feeling close to normal these days. I do have to say though, my body is different this time of round. After Bobby it resumed normal position without much trouble. But this time I have formed some trouble spots that I have never had issues with before! Oh well, that keeps me focused...onward we go!

This weekend we have family pictures scheduled...boy this certainly can become a chore. Planning outfits, thinking up a vision, a location, a has to just all fall in place. This year is especially important beacause we have our newest addition of Jaden, so the pressure is on even thicker than usual so I can hopefully get one I am happy enough with that I can order a big mantle size picture with the four of us. This tradition of family pictures is something I have kept up since Bobby was born and I am obsessed with taking one every fall to be able to look back and see our family grow. Can you imagine being to pull out all 18 Christmas cards from our children's youth and see what we looked like from year to year? I can't wait...

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